How to Lose 8 Pounds in 3 Weeks?

Diet and exercise should form about 80% and 20% respectively of your weight loss efforts. However, you can lose up to 8 pounds in 3 weeks without performing exercise. There is only one way that you can lose weight if you are deciding not to take up any specific exercise workout routine. Yes, you can do it by only creating a calorie deficit. Your body needs certain amount of calories to carry out various functions and the amount of calories vary depending upon your body type and the level of fitness.

There are commercial weight loss programs like Nutrisytem, Jenni Craig and Medifast that offer safe weight loss of up to 2 lbs per week. Nutrisystem does not ask any doctor recommendation to follow their diet plans and it is open for all. Both Jenny Craig and Meidfast require recommendation from doctors as they offer low calorie diet foods which offer quick weight loss. Jenny Craig provides around 80 meal choices and most of them are frozen varieties. Nutrisystem offers over 150 meal choices which include both shelf stable and frozen varieties. You can read this comparison article to understand the diet planners in a better way.

When you do not consume the required calories for the day, the body tries to draw energy from the stored fat. Likewise, when you consume too many calories than required it leads to fat storage all over the body. Eating below the caloric requirement surely leads to weight loss but it completely depends on how fit you are physically now. As consuming less calories than the daily requirement leads to drop in energy levels and nutrition deficiency, it is important that you determine your current calorie requirement using a calorie calculator. Going on a starvation mode is dangerous; women should consume 1200 calories per day and men about 1800 calories to carry out the daily activities.

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How To Lose 50 Lbs In 4 Months?

To lose 50 pounds in 4 months you will have to lose 3 pounds per week. This is something more than the recommended weight loss of 2 lbs per week. If you have an enormous body weight to lose and 50 pounds is just the initial amount of weight you have to shed then it might be possible. If not, it will take some more time to shed 50 pounds but you will still be able to lose a noticeable amount of weight in 4 months.

Slow and steady wins the race. Therefore aim to lose from 1 to 2 lbs per week which is safe and recommended weight loss. Programs like Nutrisystem and Medifast helps you lose weight at steady manner. Both programs claim to offer weight loss from 1 to 2 lbs per week if their dietary guidelines are strictly followed. Nutrisystem asks its dieters to follow Turbo 13 plan in the first month which helps them lose up to 13 lbs and 7 inches in the first month of following it. This is great to kick start your weight loss journey. Medifast is another well known program that delivers low calorie replacement meals to help you lose weight as quickly as possible. You can go through the comparison article on these diet programs at Jane-Seymour site.

If you consider a 53 year old woman of moderate height weighing about 180 pounds, she has to eat around 500 calories per day to lose 50 pounds. This is not recommended as she would be nearly starving without food which leads to nutrition deficiency. If you want to have a safe and sustainable weight loss it is recommended that you go slowly. Women should eat around 1200 calories per day and men should consume around 1500 calories. If you are not sure about the timeline within which you have to lose pounds you can consult your doctor.

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How Long Will It Take To Lose 40 Pounds?

Losing 40 pounds is a great achievement if you are able to make it. As it is known to everyone, major changes like weight loss do not happen overnight.  How much you will lose totally depends on your current body weight, gender and the level of physical activity. By putting in best efforts and dedication, you will be able to lose 2 lbs per week which is the recommended weight loss result by experts. This indicates that it will take five months to lose 40 pounds or even longer if you put in moderate efforts.

Nutrisystem is an acclaimed weight loss program that assures 2 lbs of weight loss per week if their dietary guidelines are strictly adhered to. Thos who are new to following Nutrisystem can jumpstart their weight loss journey by following Nutrisystem’s Turbo13 in the first month. Turbo 13 claims to offer up to 13 lbs and 7 inches of weight loss in the first month through the specialized Turbo Takeoff kit. Check about this new diet program to kick start your weight loss effort.

Losing a pound of fat is equivalent to creating a calorie deficit of 3500 calories. If you were able to create a deficit of 500 to 1000 calories per day you will be able to lose from 1 to 2 lbs per week. In the initial days of following the weight loss you will experience a rapid weight loss as you will be shedding water weight. When you follow a healthy diet plan this will narrow and lead you to a healthy way of losing weight from 1 to 2 lbs per week. Before starting, figure out your daily calorie needs and how many you can expend by consulting with your health care provider. The time taken to lose 40 pounds also depends on how you comply with your low calorie diet and exercise.

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What you need to know about sports products before buying

Shopping for any products requires prior research and preparation and sports products are not different. In fact, it is even more important that you know everything about what you buy because it is a matter concerning health and comfort. Your shopping must rely on the quality of goods, your own sporting abilities, and personals goals if any.


You must be clear for what purpose you are purchasing equipment: is it for cardio, muscle building stamina, running or rackets, golf clubs, balls etc. once the main objective is clear you must do your research.There are several online sources that not only provide information on how to use the products but also review products which will aid the user to narrow down the choice.

It is crucial that you purchase the right equipment to prevent any injury. You must also know how to use it and know what benefits you hope to achieve from using it.


This is more a matter of personal choice unless you are enrolling in a tournament which has a strict dress code. Having said, when you wear attire meant for a particular activity or sport you will feel more comfortable and at greater ease with more freedom of movement because the workout clothes are specifically designed to counter issues with a particular sport.

It is also important to choose the right size, fit and material.


Never go shopping without a budget or you will be sidetracked even before you realize. Many times you get the same quality and comfort from two different brands and that is when the price comes into play. But remember not to compromise on quality because eventually, you will end up spending more on replacing the products when you buy poor quality cheap stuff.

This site has a great range of sports products in varying price ranges and sizes and colors. This might well be the one stop shop for all your sporting needs.

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Best Food To Buy When Losing Weight

After my second pregnancy, things were different:

The first time around, I think I was quick in recuperating from the side effects of pregnancy. Yes, I am talking about the physical and the emotional changes that we as women go through after our bundles of joy are transported from our tummies right into our arms.

And even though you cannot but smile through all the pain and pressures that it inflicts, you are sure that you – that is your body, mind, and soul will never ever be the same again – never again!

So, the first time around, it was easier to lose all the pregnancy-fats and also be able to get back into shape as quickly as I had put on oodles of them. But the second time around, I must confess, nothing has been really tough as shedding all those extra pounds that I have been carrying for what seems like an eternity.

My earnest efforts were all going down the drain:

I was eating in smaller quantities and also making sure that I exercised three days at least in a week but somehow the results were elusive. And then I happened to read a couple of articles that my friend kept posing on her wall from and I knew that there were a lot of things that I was doing wrong.

From here began my journey in the right direction:

Eggs! Can you believe I always thought eggs were a culprit if I wanted to bring down my weight? So, I avoided them. But this website gave me a complete lowdown on why eggs are an important part and parcel of losing weight. They don’t only provide the best of nutrition but also help bring about satiation. Women who ate eggs for breakfast had a fulfilling feel for close to three days and were better at losing weight than the ones that avoided it.

There were so many kinds of food myths that the website helped me break. I am so glad that I explored it. You must too!

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A Guide To Heart Rate Monitor At Any Age

I am well into my fifties:

I trained in the military for twenty years and when I took voluntary retirement I decided to start coaching for a sport that I am very passionate about, tennis.

The idea of starting the class after I finished my army stint came about when I was only six months into civil life. I had been offered a desk job in a multinational company because I had applied for it. but only four months into the job, I knew that it was not my cup of tea to sit in one place and key statistics into the computer and have lazy afternoons sitting inside four walls, hogging lunch, then tea break and then oily snacks! I was suffocated indoors.

My calling is the outside!

I knew that I could not go on in an office job and I quit in a matter of weeks from there. I pondered for a few days and finally advertised in small pamphlets that I intended to start tennis coaching in the local park area. After the necessary municipal permission was taken, I started out with three students.

Over the time, the classes became bigger and I saw myself busy coaching almost fifty students in a day. I wanted to buy myself a heart rate monitor 2018 to be able to monitor my health. I realized the if I bought something that could be used across the ages, it could also help me determine the health of my students.

So, I logged on to the computer and Googled for it. thank God for the internet, I have been able to buy not only the best but also the most economical model. Its been three years since and touchwood, I have had no complaints yet! The best part has I also won a prize on that review site. I won the best juicer 2018 as a jackpot prize in a lucky draw that they drew out for the people who visited and bought stuff worth ten thousand and above. Sometimes, you are lucky!

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Finding The Best Automatic Dog Feeder

Your busy schedule should never come in the way of your lovable pet dog’s health and that is why you should take careful measures when it comes to its significant feeding habit. The feeding habit can be established only when the feeding routine is uninterrupted and therefore, no matter how busy you are or wherever you are there should never be a compromise in its feeding routine, which can be very well taken care of when you use one of the best automatic dog feeders available in the market to accomplish the feeding task of your pet dog flawlessly.

By using the automatic dog feeder, you can ensure that your dog is fed adequately at the right time with the right mix of your dog’s food items, which ultimately ensures not only its wellness but also your burden-free position. But, to achieve that flawlessly, one should consider the following significant factors while buying the indispensable automatic dog feeder for your favorite dog!

  • The types of food allowed

If your intention is to offer your pet dog a variety of food in a variety of consistency, you should ensure that the automatic dog feeder you choose should handle these types of food perfectly without any interruptions.

  • Anti-jam property

The main purpose of using the automatic dog feeder is to feed your dog uninterruptedly and for that to happen flawlessly, ensure that the dog feeder you choose comes with the anti-jam functionality that prevents the food from getting jammed throughout anywhere in the unit including the feeder’s exit point.

  • Timer

For your dog to well behave, it has to be well fed at the right timings and hence, ensure the timer property of the automatic dog feeder that you choose is a capable and as well as a reliable one. When you choose a tad expensive ones, they allow you to set the schedule for various hours of the day with various food portions that can ensure the wellness and the satiation of your dog adequately.

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Top Choices Of Treadmill

Shopping almost never fails to make feel good. Whether it is online shopping or even if you visit a store to buy the things you like. Online shopping in the recent past has gained a lot of popularity owing to the fact that it is far easier and convenient to simply sit in your comfort zone and shop.

Online shopping may be one of the best ways to shop but it not being able to see the product with your own eyes, touch and feel it has its own set f drawbacks. Often people are surprised at seeing what was delivered when compared to what it appeared on the site.

This is one of the main reasons why it is important to check is to get the best and most honest reviews from real users. Here people who have purchased products have shared their experience using the product. This helps you in many ways like:

Helps you make the final decision: Very often the same product from different brands often have similar looking features but the varying price that gets people confused. Reading reviews for both the products often help you decide, as they often highlight the actual difference between the products that the website may not talk about.

Gives you in-depth details: The online shopping sites are also sellers trying to highlight the plus points without mentioning the limitations if any. Reading reviews will let you know more things than just what is mentioned in the ‘product review’ of the product.

Often the same product being sold by different shopping sites also have a difference in terms of packaging and customer service, this is also highlighted by checking the reviews.

Prevents you from making poor purchases

There are times when the products appear better in pictures or are made of products that appear cheap in real on touching, colors that are brighter or seem gaudier without the camera and lights. Reviews often highlight these facts and save you from making purchases that you would regret.

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Never Buy A Second Hand Sex Toy

It is the age of economic planning and when we think about shopping, two events come to our mind. They are the seasons or stock clearance sale and second-hand products. Even the kids are aware of stores which exclusively deal with second-hand items, where anything from the earth to the moon is available. If it is a brick and mortar merchant, like the brand new items, you may not meet with a satisfactory deal, in addition to the transportation problem. However, when everything is within your reach just with a click and you are to be overwhelmed by the countless merchants from every single corner of the earth, there is no hesitation to seamlessly scan the online stores giving you the item, used but in good condition at the smallest budget.

Avoid a blind eyed shopping when you want to satisfy your adrenaline rush


Yes, you should spend wisely, if possible go for the cheaper products, but without compromising utility and quality. When it comes to sex toys, safety should be your priority. The sellers do claim that their products are completely sanitized and safe for second-hand usage. Health practitioners also approve that no infectious agent can survive on the surface of the item for more than a couple of hours.

Still, you must remember that there may be intimate contact involved exposing your body, and sometimes your internal delicate organs. Would you buy a second-hand teether for your baby? Or a second-hand pacifier? We may think twice even to buy a second-hand cloth. A second-hand butt plug may be very cheap and beautiful, but these butt plugs at love plugs may not be as good as it looks in shape and hygiene.

Apart from sexual pleasure, sex toys are advocated to have health benefits too. When you can easily and economically get a new hygienic product, the source, make and safety of which you can be assured of, why to take a risk with your health and satisfaction with a second-hand pleasure-giver?

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How to care for your brand new curtains

Often people forget or do not pay too much attention towards the maintenance of their curtains; as a result, the fabric looks dull, dusty, dirty and old in no time. Yes, with time and exposure to light the most expensive of fabrics will fade but with care and regular cleaning you can delay the process and retain the brand new look for a long time to come.

Here are a few tips on maintaining your curtains from a renowned upholstery shop; my brother bought curtains for his house here and raves about these tips.

  • Vacuuming: Vacuum your curtains with a brush weekly once to keep them free of dust and dirt. You must start right at the top and vacuum downwards with special attention to the folds, hems, and pleats where dust gathers the most. Vacuum both sides of the curtain.
  • Redressing: To maintain the appearance of the drapes you must re-dress the curtains on a regular basis. Tighten the holdbacks which will keep the curtains in place.
  • Steaming: With frequent use and harsh handling, curtains develop creases which look unsightly. One way of tackling this problem is to do steaming. But before you start the process ensure that the curtain is safe for steaming. Not only will steaming clear the creases but it will also remove dirt and dust.
  • Washing: Read the label on the curtains and decide whether the curtains can be machine washed or should they be hand-washed or dry cleaned. Always use a gentle detergent and use the delicate setting in the washing machine. Before line drying the drapes put them in a slow spin cycle for 15 minutes to remove excess water and then dry them. This will minimize the creases too.

Do not forget to clean the rods before hanging the curtains again. Do not hang wet curtains from the rods as the water will drip on the floor and moreover wet curtains are heavier than the dried ones and can bring down the rods due to too much weight.

With regular care, your brand new curtains will retain the shine for a long time.

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What To Look For While Buying Rain Jackets

The major reason for anybody going for a rain jacket instead of an umbrella or just a head cover is the comfort and ease they offer the user. When it is raining outside it is actually a discomfort walking on the roads and we would generally find people shut inside their houses. One reason for this is the fear and discomfort of getting wet in the rain waters. But this can not happen all the time and we would be forced to take the roads for one or the other reasons. So in such situations, to escape the pour down, you need to cover yourselves in the best rain jacket.

There are few requirements or probably certain basics that everybody should look for in a rain jacket.

  • There are different varieties in rain jackets like a single piece one that runs down till our knees or even below and another a two piece one that would cover us completely in two pieces. Generally, women prefer the one piece style while men go for the two-piece ones. Be it anything, they need to be comfortable and should solve the purpose of protecting the user from the rain waters keeping them dry to the maximum possible.
  • The next important point is, they need to be very light in weight. This is very important because the user should not find it difficult to travel with the heavy jacket on which might actually make the travel even more irritating. I think this is the best lightweight rain jacket I could wear everyday and it’s available in the market, the quality they promise to offer is really awesome and unmatched. So go for jackets of this kind and you will definitely feel them comfortable and cozy on you.
  • Durability is another very important thing for anything we buy and rain jackets are not an exception to this. They need to be strong, soft at the same time serve us for a long time.
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How To Get Best Miter Saw?

Miter saw is a tool by which people can easily cut the wooden blocks by eliminating all risk factors. When anyone cut the material at that time biggest fear is injury from sharp blade of cutter. To overcome the fear and do work safely, users should buy miter saw. This particular saw is available in different types in the market such as; sliding compound, dual compound miter saw and so on. It is available in the both type of markets whether it land-based market or online market and users can easily place their order.

Key facts related to best miter saw

Everyone visit the market to buy the best miter saw that makes their work easier. It is manufactured with the combination of different parts and role of each part is very important. You should check all of them and completely identify the saw before placing order or taking decision. There are some things on which you should pay attention while inspecting the miter saw;

Motor: It is main part or base of the saw. Users are required to check the power and technology of motor. The speed of motor is everything and work quality is also depends on it.

Blade: this part of saw is come in the contact with wooden block to cut it. Its sharpness and quality of material used in its production play significant role in cutting. If blade is not manufactured with the solid material then it is not capable to cut small piece of wood.

Motor and blade are two main parts of every saw. The quality of both things affects the work and users want to buy miter saw that contains best quality material. This specific saw includes two types of angles miter angle and bevel angle. It increases its importance and attracts the users.

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Choose The Right Gaming Display

Are you a game enthusiast who loves to spend hours on end on that computer? Love to forget the real world behind you and live in the virtual world? The games these days can really help you forget the reality and live in the virtual world for hours this guide. Not only are the games much more advanced and interesting, the graphics are very advanced too.

Gaming Displays

Every computer comes with a monitor. You need a display screen to see that virtual world that fascinates you. Instead of going in for a regular 60Hz monitor that comes with a regular computer, why not opt for one that is specifically designed for games?

These monitors are bigger, higher in resolution, have a faster FPS and enable you to see the graphics of the game, the way they were actually designed. These displays enable you to enjoy the game the way they are meant to be.

Choose Right

The number of displays available in the market is high enough to confuse anyone. The variety is such that, you are not too sure about which is the right one for you. One of the most important things to remember when it comes to electronic goods is that they are outdated very easily. What may be the best in the market today can be outdated by not only a new product but also a new technological improvement on the game front. Were the graphics to change due to a new discovery, your current screen may not support it to the fullest.

While it is not possible to predict what could be the graphical advancements in the future, you can always be well informed about the different screens that are bound to come up in the future. If you take out a list of gaming displays in 2019, you will know what to expect in the future. This will help you decide if you want to change the monitor you have right away or wait for the newer version.

This will also help you save money as you won’t have to keep changing the monitor every few months. Be armed with information before you can invest in these reality changers.

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How To Buy Branded Accessories At Lower Prices?

Do designer bags and accessories from all the popular brands always have to burn a hole in your pocket? Can you never own a branded accessory without spending on the huge price tag placed by the brand? You can own a genuine branded accessory at a price lower than the one quoted by the manufacturer. And you can do this without having to compromise on the cheaper duplicate versions available in the market. The trick is to shop smart.

One easy way is to look for the sale of these branded accessories from global sites. Know where the brand has its manufacturing unit. The e-retailers of the country where the manufacturing occurs would offer the bag at a lower price than that available in your region. If the site offers worldwide shipping, the shipping charges and thus the cumulative price might end up lower than the total price of the item sold by retailers in your country. Better yet, if you have a friend or family traveling to that country with the manufacturing unit, you could stock up at a lower price.

It is OK to buy second hand in branded merchandise. Given their unbeatable durability guarantee, some of the international fashion brands’ accessories are good as new even if they are used. Gucci, for example, makes a durable range of accessories and you could easily find cheap Gucci products on used products retailer sites.

Most of the time, the new collection, and seasonal additions are priced higher and the lower sought after colors and variants are available at discounts. Though not popular choices, these are still from the reputed brands and come with the quality as well.

Signup for offer emails with online retailers as well as the manufacturer website. This would make sure you are notified of any running discount and can thus save each time you shop.

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Play Clash Royal And Win Countless Battles

Clash Royale is an amazing live-featuring game in which players from around the world combine in real-time to battle it all out. This multiplayer game is all about collecting troop cards and building strategies for battle. Clash Royale is a power packed game which leaves its users on the edge of their seats.

Here are a few features the game offers that will allow you to enjoy this game to the fullest.


Clash Royale provides the exclusive chance of dueling players in real time in different areas of the world. Your offense strategies against their defense strategies and vice versa. Train your powerful army and fight the strongest to claim victory.

New Challenges

The stronger you get, the more arenas you unlock and with each arena you unlock, you get to fight stronger opponents and test your limits. Having a total of 9 arenas, the game creates more hurdles which keep the user invested in the game.

Card Collections

Card collections are a vital part of the game. Collecting cards for army members, various spells which turn the battle in your favor and defenses that protect you from harsh attacks is all that the game is about. Cards include various fighting cadets like knights, dragons, kings and princes.

Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when you play Clash Royale that can be quite fruitful.

  • Each opponent will have 3 towers that will pose as obstacles to your victory. However, keep in mind that you only need to defeat the middle tower in order to win.
  • Don’t go with only one type of cards. Keeping your deck filled with a variety of cards can give you an upper hand depending on the situation.
  • Upgrading the strongest of your cards first will give you more chances of winning the battle.


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