Best Food To Buy When Losing Weight

After my second pregnancy, things were different:

The first time around, I think I was quick in recuperating from the side effects of pregnancy. Yes, I am talking about the physical and the emotional changes that we as women go through after our bundles of joy are transported from our tummies right into our arms.

And even though you cannot but smile through all the pain and pressures that it inflicts, you are sure that you – that is your body, mind, and soul will never ever be the same again – never again!

So, the first time around, it was easier to lose all the pregnancy-fats and also be able to get back into shape as quickly as I had put on oodles of them. But the second time around, I must confess, nothing has been really tough as shedding all those extra pounds that I have been carrying for what seems like an eternity.

My earnest efforts were all going down the drain:

I was eating in smaller quantities and also making sure that I exercised three days at least in a week but somehow the results were elusive. And then I happened to read a couple of articles that my friend kept posing on her wall from and I knew that there were a lot of things that I was doing wrong.

From here began my journey in the right direction:

Eggs! Can you believe I always thought eggs were a culprit if I wanted to bring down my weight? So, I avoided them. But this website gave me a complete lowdown on why eggs are an important part and parcel of losing weight. They don’t only provide the best of nutrition but also help bring about satiation. Women who ate eggs for breakfast had a fulfilling feel for close to three days and were better at losing weight than the ones that avoided it.

There were so many kinds of food myths that the website helped me break. I am so glad that I explored it. You must too!

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