Never Buy A Second Hand Sex Toy

It is the age of economic planning and when we think about shopping, two events come to our mind. They are the seasons or stock clearance sale and second-hand products. Even the kids are aware of stores which exclusively deal with second-hand items, where anything from the earth to the moon is available. If it is a brick and mortar merchant, like the brand new items, you may not meet with a satisfactory deal, in addition to the transportation problem. However, when everything is within your reach just with a click and you are to be overwhelmed by the countless merchants from every single corner of the earth, there is no hesitation to seamlessly scan the online stores giving you the item, used but in good condition at the smallest budget.

Avoid a blind eyed shopping when you want to satisfy your adrenaline rush


Yes, you should spend wisely, if possible go for the cheaper products, but without compromising utility and quality. When it comes to sex toys, safety should be your priority. The sellers do claim that their products are completely sanitized and safe for second-hand usage. Health practitioners also approve that no infectious agent can survive on the surface of the item for more than a couple of hours.

Still, you must remember that there may be intimate contact involved exposing your body, and sometimes your internal delicate organs. Would you buy a second-hand teether for your baby? Or a second-hand pacifier? We may think twice even to buy a second-hand cloth. A second-hand butt plug may be very cheap and beautiful, but these butt plugs at love plugs may not be as good as it looks in shape and hygiene.

Apart from sexual pleasure, sex toys are advocated to have health benefits too. When you can easily and economically get a new hygienic product, the source, make and safety of which you can be assured of, why to take a risk with your health and satisfaction with a second-hand pleasure-giver?

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